Snow plow blades and edges

Snow plow blades and edges

All snow plow blades and edges for your snow plow or grader

Snow plow blades and edges are wear steel used for grade and remove snow. We at Partrex offer a wide range of snow plow edges, snow plow shoes and adapters for snow plows, tractor plows, truck plows, graders and snow buckets. We sell everything from thin serrated ice blades to grader edges for snow and slush plowing. We have both traditional hardened snow plow steels and the new types of steels in cemented carbide. 

If you need a thin and sharp serrated ice blade or wear steel for snow plow blade, we are the supplier you are looking for. 

We can deliver most standard dimensions and items directly from stock. We are happy to help you when choosing snow plow edges to optimize for the particular driving you have. The right wear steel based on tools, road type and snow/ice conditions can save a lot of time and money. Contact us for price and advice.

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