Tooth system type Cat J

Tooth system type Cat J
Bucket tooth system Cat J with size designations in inches and side locking pin is the dominant tooth system in Sweden. Partrex has one of the Nordic region's largest stocks of bucket teeth, such as digging teeth, rock teeth, rake teeth and loader teeth. We also have a very wide range of tooth adapters such as digging tooth adapters, loader tooth adapters and flat adapters. Most new buckets in Sweden today are delivered with the Cat J. tooth system. Toothsystem Cat J consists of: Tandspets (med hål för hållarens nos) Tandhållare (svetsad i skopskäret) Låspinne (rund, slås in från sidan) Låsring (sätts i hållarens nos innan tanden) We have type Cat J teeth and brackets for all needs and in all sizes for both excavators and loader buckets.

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