Stinger board 45gr truck - Grader stinger board bits system

  • Stinger boards type system 2000 with 45 degree angle for truck.
  • Hardened HB500.
  • Perforated cc305mm for wedge bolt..


Pin plate 45gr Underbett Truck
4 foot / 1220
32 stud holes
28.00 kg
Pin plate 45gr Underbett Truck
3 foot / 915
24 stud holes
21.00 kg
Pin plate 45gr Underbett Truck
2 foot / 610
16 stud holes
14.00 kg
Pin plate 45gr Underbett Truck
450 (shortened for protrude)
12 stud holes
10.49 kg

Nordviq stinger board type System 2000 for mounting of rotating grader stinger board bits. In hardened wear steel HB500. Attach cc305 with snow plow screw KH M16 or with wedge bolt or wedge. Plates are perforated for 8 bits per foot.

Stinger board system type 2000 provides a very good overall economy compared to planing with hardened wear steels. Rotating stinger board bits with carbide tips have a very long wear time and the wear material (cemented carbide tip) is very short, which means that the entire edge maintains a straight cutting line that does not change height significantly hour after hour, day after day of grading. With a system 2000 on grader edge on truck you also avoid the practically difficult work of often changing steel edge under the truck. 

Care instructions

The grader stinger board bits shall rotate for maximum product life. The stinger board bits is angled so that primarily the cemented carbide tip meets the substrate. The edge is angled for best rotation.

Sand in the system wears on the parts and impairs rotation. Inflate the stinger board bits regularly with compressed air or water if available. Do not lubricate with thick oil as it binds sand. Rust protect the stinger board bits if you are not going to use it for a long time.