Flat steel edges

Flat universal plow edges: Straight & End bent
Wear steel for snow blades/plows/graders - Nordviq HB500 Plus


Flat universal plow edges are both straight and end-bent for snow plowing with all types of snow blades, plows and graders and for planning and gravel road maintenance on motor graders and grader blades. Available in thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm and in lengths from 605 to 1525 mm. 


Nordviq flat plow steel are manufactured in the new hardened wear steel quality Nordviq HB500 Plus. Nordviq HB500 Plus is a wear steel with an alloy and heat treatment that provides an optimal balance between high hardness, good impact strength and good frictional heat resistance. These properties together make the Nordviq HB500 Plus last longer than most other hardened plow steels. 


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