Snow plow blades and edges

Snow plow blades and edges in high quality to the right price.

All snow plow blades and edges for your snow plow or grader

Snow plow blades and edges are wear steel used for grade and remove snow. We at Partrex offer a wide range of snow plow edgessnow plow shoes and adapters for snow plows, tractor plows, truck plows, graders and snow buckets. We sell everything from thin serrated ice blades to grader edges for snow and slush plowing. We have both traditional hardened snow plow steels and the new types of steels in cemented carbide. 

If you need a thin and sharp serrated ice blade or wear steel for snow plow blade, we are the supplier you are looking for. 

We can deliver most standard dimensions and items directly from stock. We are happy to help you when choosing snow plow edges to optimize for the particular driving you have. The right wear steel based on tools, road type and snow/ice conditions can save a lot of time and money. Contact us for price and advice.

Carbide snow plow runner shoes

Snow plow shoes
Nordviq Carbide
Massive carbide snow plow runner shoes. Lasts much longer than hardened HB500 snow plow runner shoes. Perforated conical cc120 for M16 screw with conical skull (type FH). Good alternative for plow wheels

Grader stinger board bits Road King - Grader...

Grader stinger board bits and stinger boards
Hyvelstift-dubb Road King - hyvelstiftsystem
Grader stinger board bits for stinger system type 2000 on grader and truck (on grader blade). Carbide tip. With rick and long locking bolt. Unique wear steel quality - hardened. . Unique shape for improved rotation. . Fits all stinger boards with 20mm stud holes. .

ICE Carbide inserted blades - Kennametal

Cemented carbide edges
ICE Hårdmetallskär - Kennametal
Withstands much more hits and bumps than ordinary carbide blades. Can be used on tractor plows. Unique carbide inserted blades with encapsulated carbide rods.

Kilbult 16x53 Special

Wedge and wedge bolt
Kilbult 16x53 Special
För kilmontering av vägstål 6-12mm. 24mm öga. Krävs för montage av 6mm plogskär.
Tallrikar slitskor slitstål HB500
Hot pressed and hardened, in wear steel HB500. Complete range with mounting ears suitable for most tractor plows. Universal plate without mounting ears, not painted, for personal adjustment.
Wide range of wear steel, plow steel and graders. We are selling both thin ripping edges and thicker ones for all plowing conditions. Contact us today!

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