Edge steel - Bucket steel

  • Bevelled bucket steel/cutting edges with cutting phase and welding phase.
  • Hardened, weldable. Hardness HB500, HB450, HB425.
  • Stock range from 12-70mm.
  • 75mm and up about 2 weeks delivery time.
  • Default lengths are 6 and 3 meters.
  • Excavator steel/Bucket lip (+40mm) can be delivered in the exact desired length.


12x100x3050 HBW500
26.84 kg
12x100x6100 HBW500
53.68 kg
16x150x3050 HBW500
54.29 kg
16x150x6100 HBW500
108.58 kg
20x150x3050 HBW500
67.40 kg
20x150x6100 HBW500
134.80 kg
20x200x3050 HBW500
91.80 kg
20x200x6100 HBW500
183.61 kg
25x200x3050 HBW500
113.76 kg
25x200x6100 HBW500
227.50 kg
25x250x3050 HBW500
144.26 kg
25x250x6100 HBW500
288.50 kg
30x200x3050 HBW500
134.50 kg
30x200x6100 HBW500
269.00 kg
30x250x3050 HBW500
171.10 kg
30x250x6100 HBW500
342.20 kg
30x270x3050 HBW500
185.75 kg
30x270x6100 HBW500
371.50 kg
30x300x3050 HBW500
206.35 kg
30x300x6100 HBW500
412.70 kg
35x270x3050 HBW500
215.30 kg
35x270x6100 HBW500
430.66 kg
35x300x3650 HBW500
291.60 kg
35x300x6100 HBW500
487.30 kg
40x300x3650 HBW500
J350 tooth holder
327.80 kg
40x300x6100 HBW500
J350 tooth holder
547.78 kg
40x400x3650 HBW500
J350 tooth holder
458.00 kg
40x400x6100 HBW500
J350 tooth holder
766.00 kg
45x300x6000 HBW500
J400 tooth holder
635.00 kg
45x400x6000 HBW500
J400 tooth holder
847.80 kg
50x300x3650 HBW500
J450 tooth holder
429.80 kg
50x300x6100 HBW500
not for tooth holders
718.00 kg
50x300x6100 HBW425
J450 tooth holder
718.00 kg
50x400xlpm HBW425
J450 tooth holder
157.00 kg
50x500xlpm HBW425
J450 tooth holder
196.00 kg
50x500x3650 HBW425
J450 tooth holder
716.30 kg
60x400xlpm HBW425
J550 tooth holder
188.00 kg
60x500xlpm HBW425
J550 tooth holder
236.00 kg
60x600xlpm HBW425
J550 tooth holder
283.00 kg
60x700xlpm HBW425
J550 tooth holder
330.00 kg
70x750xlpm HBW425
J600 tooth holder
412.00 kg

Partrex has a very wide range of edge steel, also called bucket steel, excavator steel, base steel or bucket lip. We have edge steel for all types of excavator buckets and loader buckets. 

We stock all edge steels up to and including 40 mm in HB500 steel. For edge steels 50mm and up, we offer other steels with higher welding resistance and higher wear resistance. Our bucket lips are also in specially selected wear steel types to withstand welding of tooth attachments.