Grader stinger board bits Road King - Grader stinger board system

  • Grader stinger board bits for stinger system type 2000 on grader and truck (on grader blade).
  • Carbide tip. With rick and long locking bolt.
  • Unique wear steel quality - hardened. .
  • Unique shape for improved rotation. .
  • Fits all stinger boards with 20mm stud holes. .


Planing doubles Kennametal Road King
blunt FAB Kennametal
0.27 kg
Planing doubles Kennametal Road King
Sharp RK-UNI Road King Kennametal
0.27 kg

Kennametal Road King stinger board type System 2000 have unique qualities which makes it long-lasting. They have a body that improves the rotation and is made of a very durable and hardened wear steel which gives extended life, especially on gravel grading. The cemented carbide tip is of a very high quality, optimized to resist wear from gravel and asphalt. The long locking sleeve has a high clamping force, which minimizes the risk of the stinger board bits coming loose.

Available with blunt or pointed carbide. The blunt one contains more cemented carbide and therefore generally lasts longer. The blunt is also kinder to the coating when grading snow and ice. The pointed stinger board bits is easier, which makes it good when grading hard ice and / or hard-compacted gravel roads.

Plates are perforated for 8 bits per foot.

Care instructions

The grader stinger board bits shall rotate for maximum product life. The stinger board bits is angled so that primarily the cemented carbide tip meets the substrate. The edge is angled for best rotation.

Sand in the system wears on the parts and impairs rotation. Inflate the stinger board bits regularly with compressed air or water if available. Do not lubricate with thick oil as it binds sand. Rust protect the stinger board bits if you are not going to use it for a long time.