Side protection Cemented Carbide Universal

  • Universal side protection in cemented carbide.
  • Mounting on top of plow edge with standard holes cc305.
  • Fits standard Passar standard ssnow plow edges 605, 692, 792, 915, 991, 1220, 1525

Universal side protection with KenCast cemented carbide for use with non-bent plow blades with standard perforation cc305mm.

The side protection is extremely long-lasting. Consists of steel with mold tungsten carbide (cemented carbide).

Mounted on the outside of the plow edge through the plow edge mounting hole and further through the steel adapter.

Fits plow edge (cc305) with flat profile in the sizes 610 (2 feet), 692, 792, 915 (3 feet), 991, 1220 and 1525.