ICE Carbide inserted blades - Kennametal

  • Withstands much more hits and bumps than ordinary carbide blades. Can be used on tractor plows.
  • Unique carbide inserted blades with encapsulated carbide rods.


610x22x127 / 2 fot
2 holes, A:152mm
13.50 kg
3 hole, A:91mm
17.50 kg
915x22x127 / 3 ft
3 hole
20.00 kg
1220x22x127 / 4 ft
4 holes, A:152mm
27.00 kg

Kennametal I.C.E. blades are a carbide inserted edge for tougher plowing with uneven roads. Rounded carbide rods are individually soldered into the steel edge which gives the cemented carbide maximum protection against cracking caused by hits and bumps. ICE Blades also demolish ice and compaction better than ordinary smooth carbide edges. The iedge is, for example, suitable for truck plowing of uneven and unsalted roads. The product is patented and the name I.C.E. is an abbreviation of Isolated Carbide Edge. Mounted with conical base edge screw FH M16 or with snow plow screw KH M16. Perforated cc305 according to Nordic standards. 

More Information
More Information
Hole Pitch C-C 305 mm (1 fot, Nordisk standard)
Length/Tolerance +0/-10 mm
A-Measurement Max avstånd centrum första hål till kant (se tabell)
Attachment Sida 1: Fyrkanthål för vägstålskruv KH M16 eller kilbult 16mm / Sida 2: Konisk hål för sparskärsskruv FH M16.