High carbide inserted blades

  • High carbide edges with 2 rows of holes.
  • Developed for side wings och high-throwing plows.

Used on even roads for plowing relatively loose snow. Specially developed for side wings and high-throw plows with a high cutting angle. Cemented carbide: Newly broken (not recycled) tungsten carbide. Rounded 9x19mm, 2.33kg/m. Two rows of holes, cutting distance 90 & 120 mm. Square holes for standard snow plow blade screw KH M16.

More Information
More Information
Hole Pitch C-C 305 mm (1 fot, Nordisk standard)
Length/Tolerance +0/-10 mm
A-Measurement Max avstånd centrum första hål till kant (se tabell)
Attachment Fyrkanthål för vägstålskruv KH M16 eller kilbult 16mm