Black Cat RVJ teeth

  • Screwed locking. Compatible with Cat J tooth adapters.
  • Safer and easier assembly / disassembly.
  • Available both as a self-sharpening digging tooth and as a loader tooth.


Digging tooth RVJ400 E Black Cat
Stays sharp
10.00 kg
Screw pin RVJ400 Black Cat
0.35 kg
Locking RVJ400 Black Cat
0.18 kg
Digging tooth RVJ450 E Black Cat
Stays sharp
13.70 kg
Loader tooth RVJ450 HDAL Black Cat
With outsole.
23.30 kg
Screw pin RVJ450 Black Cat
0.45 kg
Locking RVJ450 Black Cat
0.23 kg
Digging tooth RVJ550 E Black Cat
Stays sharp
22.50 kg
Screw pin RVJ550 Black Cat
0.60 kg
Locking RVJ550 Black Cat
0.41 kg
Digging tooth RVJ600 E Black Cat
Stays sharp
38.60 kg
Screw pin RVJ600 Black Cat
1.05 kg
Locking RVJ600 Black Cat
0.50 kg

Black Cat RVJ teeth with impact-free rotary lock that fits standard Cat J adapters. With the help of a smart and stable locking system consisting of a special locking pin and a special lock, the pin is turned into a lock instead of being locked. The locking can be used several times. The teeth are made in a high steel quality and a self-sharpening design, which gives them a long product life.