Bolt-on edge and base edge straight model Volvo Type Typ 3


Bolt-on edge model Volvo type 3. Bolt-on edge model Volvo Type 3 is three-part with a long middle steel and 2 similar shorter side steels that are wider than the middle part.The bolt-on edges is reversible. Hole size and bolt dimension can be 5/8 (M16), 3/4" (M20) or 1" (M24). Type 3 base edge have two rows of holes.

Type 3 base edge are very common, especially on slightly larger loader buckets. The layout provides even wear of all bolt-on edges, which means that you get the maximum wear time out of the steel and thus the best overall economy. On the one hand, the long central steel makes the flexible base edge stiffer and on the other hand, the wider side steels even out the higher ground pressure from the rigid ends. Type 3 base edge have two rows of holes.

We stock both bolt-on edges and base edges in Type 3 in most variants available.

To find the right article, we need either article number (Volvo or someone else's) or dimension measurements:

  • Total length of the base edge
  • Dimension of the screw/holes
  • Length bolt-on edge
  • Number of holes per bolt-on edge and the cc dimensions of the holes

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