Bolt-on edge and base edge straight model Cat 4-pieces




Bolt-on edge model Cat 4-part has two equally long center steels and two short and wide side steels. The layout is especially common on rock material buckets and then the bolt-on edges normally sit with a 1 1/4 inch screw, which makes the layout easy to distinguish from eg Volvo type 3 which usually sits with a 1 inch (M24) screw and is 3-part.

We stock both bolt-on edges and base edges in Cat 4-pieces in most variants available. For those who want a 2-part bolt-on edge round on the base edge instead of 4-part, we also have that.

To find the right article, we need either article number (Cat or someone else's) or dimension measurements:

  • Total length of the base edge
  • Dimension of the screw/holes
  • Length bolt-on edge
  • Number of holes per bolt-on edge and the cc dimensions of the holes

Call us and we will find the right bolt-on edge and base edge for you. Tel 010-21 20 190.