ROBUST S-system Mounting brackets for quick couplers

ROBUST Grindfästen - S-Grindar för Snabbfästen


Partrex mounting brackets ROBUST™ are smartly designed to be maximally stable.

An S-system Mounting brackets shall be stable, correctly dimensioned and symmetrically constructed. An oblique or unstable mounting bracket can damage both the attachment to the machine and the tilitrotator if you have one. The mounting bracket shall meet the Machine Suppliers' standard for the dimensions of symmetrical S-system mounting brackets. ROBUST mounting brackets does that and more. 

ROBUST™ mounting brackets with Guaranteed Stable™ construction 

Axles in ROBUST mounting brackets is made of selected machine axle steel in the right quality, C45/SS1650. They are lathed down at the ends so that the axle self-locks the side parts in the inward line, which makes them guaranteed to be dimensionally stable. This is in contrast to mounting brackets with axles that run freely in the side parts and are only attached with the weld at the end. The side pieces are made of strong 355 structural steel and provides perfect and stable fitting of the countersink axle ends. On the outside, where the axle ends and side parts are joined, are the holes in the side pieces and the ends of the axles bevelled to provide a strong (and hidden) weld. Overall, this makes the ROBUST mounting brackets very stable.

To achieve additional stability between the mounting bracket and the implement, you can weld in support against the side pieces towards the ends of the axles. Side supports in combination with the self-locking axles on the inside provides a very stable mounting bracket.

Facts: S-system Mounting brackets

The S standard has been prepared by the Swedish industry organization Maskinleverantörerna. The standard simplifies the supply of tools to the machines. An additional advantage of the S standard is that the wedge-based fastening construction provides high safety compared to many other mounting brackets. Low construction height and low weight are additional advantages. The S-system mounting bracket is basically maintenance-free.

Product Details

Article Wheelbase c-c (mm) Width (mm) Max rec machine weight (ton) Weight Reference
S30/150 200 150 2 5.00 kg 14200053
S30/180 230 180 2 15.00 kg 14200054
S40 300 200 6 15.00 kg 14200055
S45 430 290 11 22.00 kg 14200056
S50 430 270 11 30.00 kg 14200057
S60 480 340 18 40.00 kg 14200058
S70 600 450 30 50.00 kg 14200059
S80 670 590 40 70.00 kg 14200060
S90/750 (the older version) 750 750 70 85.00 kg 14200061

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